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The ORIGINAL B-12 Patch +10 Essential Vitamins 1,000mcg

  • Dr. David's B-12 Patches +10 Essential Vitamins give you 1,000mcg's of Methylcobalamin B-12 plus 10 Essential Vitamins for an added health and energy boost.  Each pack comes with 6 individual patches, which is a 1 month supply when used as suggested.
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PREMIUM QUALITY B-12 Patches That Can Boost Health & Energy, Plus SAVE 73% Off Retail Prices!

With Dr. David’s ORIGINAL B-12 Energy Patches, it’s simple and affordable for you to get all the ACTIVE B-12 vitamin energy you need, plus 10 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS without having to think about it. 

Just place a patch on your arm, thigh, or back for 24 hours once every 5 days and you're done. Use it to deal with the common feelings of sluggishness, fatigue and many other health problems that commonly trouble you and your family.  No expensive, painful injections needed, no doctor’s visits, and no more forgetting to take pills; get your full dose with Dr. David’s ORIGINAL, the only brand that offers you ACTIVE B-12 plus a complete blend of 10 health-boosting essential vitamins in a convenient wearable patch.  

Made in the USA and used by 10's of 1,000's of people daily in 41 countries and growing, Dr. David's Patches are safe, proven, and the most affordable B-12 energy patch available!   



Unknown Deficiency 

Many people unknowingly suffer from a B-12 deficiency. This is because of the way in which B-12 is stored in your body and it means blood tests will rarely reveal any deficiency.  Many people also suffer from deficiencies of the other 10 essential vitamins contained in Dr. David’s ORIGINAL B-12 Energy Patches +10 Essential Vitamins.



Why Our B-12 Patches Are Better Than Pills 

Most multi-vitamin pills contain the synthetically manufactured and cheap "cyanocobalamin" form of B-12. This form of B-12 must first be converted to methylcobalamin or adenosylcobalamin after consumption before it can be used by the body.  And the actual absorption of B-12 into the body is a real problem with pill-based supplements. A study carried out at the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Dublin found that delivering a dose of nutrients/medication using transdermal patches rather than with pills that are swallowed resulted in a greater than 95% absorption rate of the patches' nutrient formula directly into the bloodstream. The study also found that with pills, patients absorbed as little as 5% of the pills' stated nutrient dose.  So the choice is clear: patches are far superior than pills for dietary supplementation.

Dr. David’s uses methylcobalamin form B-12 which is ACTIVE B-12. With our slow release transdermal patch, this means B-12 nutrients get into your bloodstream through the skin for immediate use and maximum absorbtion by the body, by-passing the digestive system.  Its the best way to get your vitamins!  Studies at leading universities have shown that nutrient absorption from transdermal patches can be up to 10 times greater than from swallowed pills and capsules.  Doctors know the health benefits of vitamin B-12 and have administered vitamin B-12 shots to patients for years and have been achieving remarkable results. However, B-12 shots require a prescription, can be painful and are also very expensive. With the Dr. David’s ORIGINAL B-12 Energy Patches +10 Essential Vitamins, you simply put on a small patch for 24 hours just once every 5 days and you're done. 




Need a higher-dose B-12 Patch?  Then click here to check out our B-12 MEGA Patches!


How To Use The Patch

Suggested Use: As an external dietary supplement.  Peel one patch from backing, and place patch upon clean, dry skin (back, arm or thigh are most common places to wear patches). Wear the patch for 24 hours then remove the patch from skin and discard. Repeat use once every 5 days.  Do not re-use patches. The patch can be used for as long as needed as a normal part of your health maintenance program.  It is best practice to first consult your health care professional before using any dietary supplement especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or take prescription medications.  This product is latex and gluten free.    

Storage: Store patches in their zip lock bag at room temperature away from excessive heat and moisture, and out of the reach of children and pets.




Dr. David's Offers You National Brand Quality, Only With Low Wholesale-Direct Pricing! 

Other inferior B-12 Vitamin patch supplements retail for up to $30 per package at online and retail stores for a 1 month supply. But buy DIRECT from us and get a full 1-month supply of premium quality, Dr. David’s ORIGINAL B-12 Patches +10 Essential Vitamins for $7.97, (minimum order 2 month supply). That’s an amazing 73% SAVINGS. Or take advantage of our bulk-buy FREE Patch offers and save even more! 

This kind of savings is only possible because we don't sell through stores but instead offer our products DIRECT TO CONSUMERS. Plus we use no fancy retail packaging, and we don't do expensive advertising so we can keep costs as low as possible, meaning you can GET MORE premium quality B-12 vitamin patches FOR LESS than anywhere else! 

Don't forget, all of our patches are produced in accordance with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) as enforced in the United States by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) under Section 501(B) Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 USCS § 351).  So you are getting only the most premium quality products that are made with care when you buy Dr. David's brand. 


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Watch the video to learn more about our patches & see customers share their experiences...



  • We offer low-cost, flat-rate per order shipping options for any quantity of patches ordered starting at just $6.68 per order for North American deliveries, and $8.68 for International deliveries to countries outside North America.  To review all shipping options and rates click here.
  • We usually ship orders within 1-2 business days from the day we receive your order.
  • We use no retail packaging; patches are sealed in a secure resealable zip-lock storage bag and shipped in a self-sealing mailer with printed instruction sheet.  

If you're a health and wellness professional, retailer or distributor, please click here to contact us about Dr. David's opportunities.   

Vitamin B-12 Facts 

  • New scientific studies conducted by leading researches are providing a growing body of evidence that show vitamin B-12 is very valuable in the prevention of certain cancers
  • Vitamin B-12 is necessary for the formation of red blood cells and nerve cells 
  • Vitamin B-12 is vital for the breakdown of homocysteine, a toxic amino acid in the body
  • For people taking Antacid's or Diabetes medicine, researchers warn that prolonged use of acid suppressing drugs like Tagamet, Zantac and Losec can lead to serious B-12 deficiencies
  • Vegetarians and vegans are at greater risk of developing a B-12 deficiency since natural food sources of B-12 are from animal foods
  • Blood tests rarely reveal B-12 deficiencies, due to the way in which B-12 is stored in the human body
  • A research study linked vitamin B-12 deficiency with low bone mineral density in men and confirmed similar findings in women that were previously reported in other studies
  • The Office of Dietary Supplements recommends that all persons over the age of 14 receive at least 2.4mcg of vitamin B-12 daily. Pregnant women are advised to take at least 2.6mcg per day, while lactating women require 2.8mcg. B-12 has a low potential for toxicity, and the  Office of Dietary Supplements has said there are no known adverse effects that result when a healthy person consumes excessive amounts of vitamin B-12 



*Individual results may vary. Information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. It is not presented as a substitute for medical advice provided by a physician or other licensed medical health care professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your physician or health care professional. Information and statements regarding nutritional supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Warranty Information

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unused product within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of your purchase price (not including shipping charges).

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  1. first time patch user 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Oct 2015

    I like these patches, get a little more energy than without them but need more of a boost. I am trying the mega patch with the 5000mcg b12 next because I think that will really be what I need.

  2. very good 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Oct 2015

    Recommendation from my friend at work and glad to have found these - they work well for me and my wife is also using them now too and she likes them too. Plus quick shipping and well packaged, very good service all around.

  3. Not the best... 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Oct 2015

    I did not find these patches all they were hyped up to be. The patches were dry and sometimes didn't stick to my bare skin. I did not feel any different after using the product..Sorry - I really wanted to be thrilled with the patches, but think I might have gotten a bad batch?

  4. They work 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Mar 2015

    I'm very skeptical by nature but my doctor suggested these so I decided to give them a try and I'm blown away by the difference in my energy and general well being. I didn't realize what a difference a good shot of b12 could really make. I'll be back for more soon + I'm telling friends.

  5. great value and product 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Sep 2014

    I love these; I buy the 10 pack and get 2 more packs for free which is a whole year supply for me and it costs me less than 4 months' supply of the other b12 patch I was using before which doesn't even have all the added vitamins. They work great and I don't think you can find a better deal on b12 patches out there in my opinion.

  6. Loving this 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jul 2014

    Awesome energy boost and feel more balanced through the whole day. I wear more often than suggested but it works for me. Would recommend to all to try.

  7. Great patches 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Mar 2014

    I realized how well these were working for me when I ran out. My mood went dark and energy went down. Now I just got a new order and I'm feeling GREAT! Really amazing the difference these make in my life. My hubby is now using them to! We're both better off now..thanks a bunch guys!!

  8. Order arrived quickly and great patches 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jan 2014

    Once again our order came quickly and the patches are the best you can get! We use the B12, Omega 3 and Gloucosamine patches and believe your company is wonderful. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping me and my husband healthy for over the past year.

  9. impressive product service and price 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Dec 2013

    Both myself and my husband have been using these patches instead of the healthy habits patch for 6 months now, we feel great, have high B12 levels and have saved some real money with your patches. We are very grateful we found you and have told our friends about you too. Thanks again.

  10. Vitamin B12 Patch that actually work! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Oct 2013

    This Vitamin B12 Patch really works and I'm just so happy with the results. I would recommend it to anyone and in fact have told several friends about it and some people at work too. If you're looking to boost your Vitamin B, use this patch!

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